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for when i swing for the fences
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Below are the 2 most recent journal entries recorded in Matt J's LiveJournal:

Friday, February 20th, 2004
12:39 am
other biggy
talked to jake tonight for a while, that was pretty nice...caroline talked to him more on my phone than i got a chance to, but thats cool. caro can have her way. oh yeah at dennys i said something like "the gentlemenly thing to do would be..." and i was serious then she mentioned about how shes an old fashioned gal and appreciates guy opening doors for her and stuff and said that fbc doesnt have those kind of guys so i thought that earned me some points. while i was on the phone with jake he mentioned about how he is banned from the dennys on brookhurst/adams cause his friend threw a water glass at the guy behind the counter and the surveilance cameras got them and they put their pictures up so they werent let back in there so me and caroline went over there to see and the picture wasnt up there and the manager we talked to said he didnt know anything about it=dissapointment. so yeah. tomorrow im eating lunch with my moms friend susan so we can catch up and one on one time. you know, shes cool. and it looks like i dont have to go to girls only camp this weekend. nice. i was stoked to go but no guys signed up. so im staying and then going out to eat saturday with matt and cory for some relational ministry time. ok, im tired and filled up on cheese sticks and oreo shake goodness. check ya later.
Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
12:40 pm
aol needs to support my huge entries
frickin rolled out of bed today at 12!...kinda bummed about that, kinda not. i didnt see any of my friends today and i didnt do my math hw like i said i would. ive been thinking a lot lately about if i had lots of money id be happy. then i thought, well maybe the actual money wouldnt bring me happiness it would just allow me to buy things i want which would aleviate worry about getting those things. so by default is happiness the absence of worry? i dont know cause i can pretty damn happy at the same time i got things to worry about. so what is happiness? is it having everything you want? i think it is, its just a matter of what it is you want. if a man loves his wife and a wonderful family and says hes happy because hes has everything he wants, i believe him. and when a super rich guy with no family says hes happy cause he has everything he wants, i believe him to. my conclusion: happiness is relative. my problem is, i want all those things. i guess its human nature to want what we cant have and once we get it, we want more. i always go on about how i wish i had all thsi money cause i figure its harder to do that. there are so many people outthere that experience love and have great families and theres is a lot less people who have millions and millions of dollars. so i figure i'll land a keeper someday and my chances of hitting the jackpot are way lower. bottom line, if i had lots of dough i could get all the material things i want. would i be happy? on some level. entirely happy? probably not. but i wouldnt have to worry about getting through school with good grades to worry about getting a job to worry about supporting my family to end up buying material things anyway? yes. and now the saddest thing of all has happened. ive lost my point to all this ranting. i think where i was going had something to do with even though i have God's love and i know im going to heaven, i still want more while im here. i dont know its weird, whatever happens i know its all according to his plans (jeremiah 29) i just hope he plans for me hitting the lottery in the next year so i can go to school for the sake of learning, not for the sake of eventually bettering myself through employment. on the other hand by me not winning the lottery it might better serve God's plan for me concerning my occupation. i can honestly say that if i won/came across more that 10 million dollars i would not work a day in my life. thats because if i had 10 million dollars nothing would be work and i would be thankful for God for bringing every cent of that into my life. anyway, i've bounced so much over the map i cant even find my points anymore. this whole thing got started cause i was talking to sarah hudson when i told her i didnt have anything to talk about and she basically told me to talk about whatever. so i did. i dont think im a very big fan of all this writing. i'll leave that to the real smart people who can actually write and form rational thought. i.e. jackie.

Current Mood: irritated
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